About us

Our Toffee Tradition Started over 40 years ago.  Born and raised in Hyde Park in Tampa, FL.  Our family had a tradition that became my favorite childhood tradition.  As a young girl I cooked next to my mother in the kitchen making our gourmet toffee.  The Aromas filled the house and this time was a special time that I looked forward to and loved.  As the years went by I continued the tradition with my own children teaching them the secrets of making this delectable dessert.  Our families classic was chocolate pecan toffee.  I have made this family favorite of mine many times over the years handing out for gifts to friends, teachers and family.  Our company has created new flavors for sharing.  I have always been talked into selling my toffees.  Today I am thrilled to Own Toffee Tradition & Treats.  It has been a great Journey.  I am happy to share my joy of baking with the many return customers and friends I have made along the way.  I invite you to join the Family Tradition.  

  • Fresh handmade buttery toffees
  • Gluten free option
  • No preservatives 
  • Small batches
  • Finest ingredients


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